Who is Bhakti Community?

At Bhakti, we are committed to our mantra, “devotion through social action.”

Not only are we devoted to making delicious kombucha, but we are loyal to our Miami community. Every kombucha purchase will go to invigorating the lives of people displaced as a result of gentrification, people living with HIV, and the youth who experience malnutrition due to economic hardships. We remain socially conscious of the effects of rapidly changing communities and vow to equip our local residents to be proactive during this period of community destruction, incorrectly referred to as “urban revitalization.” We fight rising rent prices, underemployment, lack of fresh foods, and malnutrition with opportunities to advocate against community injustices, find additional employment through Bhakti, grow a community garden, and consume healthy priobiotics. Bhakti is more than just another ‘boocha business.

We prioritize the qualities of love and community- making Bhakti truly special and unique.

Bhakti Community was founded by the ABC team…Angel, Ben, and Cho Hee. Together, they make up the roots of Bhakti. They bring their lived experiences from their diverse backgrounds together and let their vibes explode into brilliant kombucha flavors and refreshing ways to rejuvenate Miami. Learn more about our founders here.


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